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Hole by hole

Below are the descriptions of each hole at Brighton and Hove Golf Club, as well as some tips.

1st & 10th

Hole 1

MEN – A tough opening hole of 439 par 4. Normally played into the prevailing wind, a poorly struck tee shot will end up in “Skeletons Hovel” a natural pit on the left side of the fairway. If you manage to avoid this, it still requires an excellent second shot to reach the green, which has a slope from right to left.

When played as the 10th Hole, it is slightly easier as the tee is 29 yards closer and measures 410. Still a difficult hole, requiring two well struck shots to find the green.

WOMEN – The 1st hole is a 429 yard par 5 with a tricky tee shot. Avoid “Skeletons Hovel” and the bunkers on the right, and you will then be faced with a shot where the ball is normally below your feet. Favour the left side of the fairway for the easiest 3rd shot.

The 10th hole for the ladies is a completely different tee, and the hole becomes a 371 yard par 4. Your tee shot is now directly behind “Skeletons Hovel” and it must be carried to give you any chance of a good score

2nd & 11th

Hole 2MEN – Playing as the 2nd hole, a new tee has extended this par 5 to 512 yards, but it plays much longer as it is all uphill and into the prevailing wind. Favour the right side, as you must avoid the deep bunker waiting on the left side of the fairway at the corner of the dogleg.On the back 9, the 11th hole becomes a long par 4 of 390 yards, uphill all the way. If you can carry the bunker on the left, this is an ideal line to slightly shorten the hole.

WOMEN – The 2nd hole plays as a 470 yard par 5. Uphill all the way, it requires 3 really good shots to reach the green. The fairway slopes from right to left, so the ball is always above your feet making for difficult striking.

The 11th hole is probably the easiest hole for the ladies. It measures just 378, but is still a par 5. Try and take advantage of this hole to get some points on the board!

3rd & 12th

Hole 3

MEN – The first par 3 measures 148 from the 3rd tee, and 174 from the 12th. A small green requires a well struck shot to find it, especially from the 12th tee which is from a tricky angle hitting across the front right bunker.

WOMEN – The dew pond short of the green captures a lot of golf balls! However if you trust the yardage, hit the right club and go for it you will clear it with ease! You need 120 yard carry from both the 3rd and the 12th to ensure dry land.

4th & 13th

Hole 4

MEN – Played as the 4th, this is the shortest par 4 on the course, and probably the best birdie chance. Only 324 yards, it can be driven by the better players as it is down hill, and usually down wind.

From the 13th tee it becomes a different hole. 389 yards, it requires a well struck shot to clear the mounds at the top of the fairway. If you do this you will be left with a mid-iron approach to a green that slopes away from you.

WOMEN – As the 4th hole this is a 294 yard par 4 played from an elevated tee. A good chance of getting a par on your card.

From the 13th tee, a good drive is required to clear the mounds. Slightly longer at 313 yards, it is still a relatively simple hole.

5th & 14th

Hole 5

MEN – Stroke index 1 from the 5th tee, this is a 437 yard par 4 played into the prevailing wind. A slope from left to right on the fairway means that the blind second shot is always played with the ball below your feet. Even a low handicap player is not too unhappy with a bogey on this hole.

As the 14th hole, it becomes a 506 yard par 5. Three good shots are needed to find the green.

WOMEN – The 5th is a tough par 4. 378 yards and some awkward lies on the fairway mean that pars on this hole are like gold dust.

On the back 9, the 14th becomes a 428 yard par 5 for the ladies. If you can negotiate the side hill lies then a par is achievable.

6th & 15th

Brighton & Hove Golf Club, Devils Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 8YJ Photography by Paul Demuth, Demuth Photography

MEN & WOMEN – The signature hole of Brighton & Hove Golf Club. Known as the drop hole it plays about 160 yards from all the tees. It has a 100 foot drop from the tee to the green, and you can see for miles from the tee.

If you manage to find the green, which is surrounded by bunkers, you will invariably be faced with a tough putt, especially if you are short of the hole.

7th & 16th

Hole 7

MEN – Known as the dog leg, a good tee shot is needed from either tee to put you in position for your second. New tees have recently been built into the hillside on the 7th which has made a tremendous difference to the hole.

From either 7 or 16 you need to clear the copse of trees in the middle of the fairway, after which the hole doglegs to the right over some more trees to an elevated green. Club selection is vital on the second shot, as just over the back of the green is out of bounds.

WOMEN – Plays easier from the 7th than the 16th, but a tough hole either way. You need to avoid the bushes in the middle of the fairway. If you don’t think you can get over them with your second shot, then lay up to the end of the fairway which leaves a much easier approach.

8th & 17th

MEN – The 8th hole is a tough par 3 measuring 211 yards. Only the really good players find this green in one shot. For everyone else, favour the left side as the ball will roll to the right.

From the 17th tee the hole changes completely. Only 148 yards, and played from an elevated tee, this is a great chance of a par towards the end of your round.

WOMEN – Played from an elevated tee both times round, it is vital that you avoid the big bunker in the front of the green, and the copse of trees on the right. If in doubt, play left which will leave an easier chip in to the green.

9th & 18th

Hole 9

MEN – From both the 9th and the 18th a good tee shot is required to clear the large hill in front of you. The carry is about 175 yards, but plays longer due it being severely uphill. If you successfully negotiate the tee shot you are left with a relatively simple approach shot into a large green. The green itself slopes sharply from back to front, and if you are past the flag, you will be faced with a very quick putt.

WOMEN – From the 9th tee this is stroke index 1, and a very difficult hole. Only the longest of hitters will clear the bank with their tee shot, which will leave you an awkward shot from the upslope. From here you must avoid the trees on the right, and try to set yourself up with an easy 3rd.

On the back 9 the 18th tee shot presents you with a choice. Played from the top of the bank, big hitters will be tempted to go for the green, whilst everyone else can decide where they want to play their second shot from. Either way, a good chance of a par, and a strong finish to your round.

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