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Public Rights of Way on the Golf Course

There are two bridleways which cross our golf course

Please be aware that there are two Public Bridleways which cross the golf course. Please see the map below.

One Bridleway crosses the 1st fairway at an angle from the gate behind the 1st tee to the signpost on the edge of the pit, and then carries on up across the practice area and up past the 2nd tee and across the 2nd fairway to the path heading to and across the back edge of the 6th and 15th Men's tees where it continues into the field beyond.

The second Bridleway -- which is a Neolithic road, Ports Road, which in the past ran all the way to the sea -- runs partly across and then down the right-hand side of the 1st fairway and carries on left of the 4th green, up along the middle ridge between the 4th and 5th fairways, along the top ridge left of the 5th fairway and the path left of the 5th green and on into the trees/bushes and continuing into the field beyond.

Walkers, cyclists and horses with riders are all permitted to use these paths. When you are out on the course you have a duty of care to be aware of these rights of way and take necessary precautions when playing golf shots; please also be aware that people using these bridleways may not be aware of golfers or know anything about the game of golf.

In cooperation with the South Downs National Park we have created a Permissive Path which starts to the right of the 1st tee and runs parallel to the 1st and 5th fairways and then continues parallel to the course road linking the 5th green and 6th tees and on to where it links up with the official Bridleway. This path gives an alternative -- and more interesting -- route for walkers, cyclists, runners and horseback-riders and while we can encourage people to use this path instead of walking down the first fairway and beyond, we cannot insist that they do so.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience with public users of the ancient rights of way which pre-date the existence of the golf club by a few thousand years. Their continued use to the present day is a remarkable link with the past which we should be proud of and have respect for.

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